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dropdeadesu here once again, this time co-hosting a giveaway with one of my very best friends maidreport in honor of him breaking 2k!

As mentioned above, we will be co-hosting this giveaway. Meaning that we are splitting all the costs and have collaborated on the prizes. There willl be three tiers with prizes listed below!

  • THIRD PLACE - one Plush under $25 from the online Pokemon Center store, or two under $12 each


This site is amazing, both of us really love the keychains and plushes. If you are chosen for the third place slot, we will contact you and have you chose your items before one of us orders them! 

  • SECOND PLACE - one $50 amazon gift card

We both do a lot of shopping on Amazon and Ebay, but seeing as there are more options on Amazon we’re opting for a gift card!

And finally, last but not least…

The grand prize … . . 

A Borderlands 2 PS Vita bundle pack

Details and Rules below!!! 

  • must be following both maidreport and dropdeadesu seeing as we are the two running the giveaway!! 
  • must reblog this for entry  - you can reblog it as much as you’d like, but please do not spam your followers. 
  • MUST KEEP YOUR ASK BOX OPEN - There have been times where I go to tell someone they have won and I can not reach them, which means I have to chose someone else. Please, please, please if you are going to enter the giveaway make sure I have a way to get a hold of you. 
  • on that same topic, you must be comfortable giving out your address - otherwise we will not be able to ship these items to you.
  • international shipping yes 
  • Winners will be chosen on December 15th. It is first come first serve. You will have 48 hours to respond once we have messaged you before we will choose someone else. 
  • Due to the giveaway ending near the holidays, we will communicate with you about shipping times/ect seeing as shipping can get backed up during the holidays - but we don’t want to push it out too far!! 

Any questions contact me!!

Good luck!!! 

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- あけまして2011おめでとうございましたw // Congrats 2011 New Year -

By 伊賀たまき

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Hey guys, I’m fortunate enough to be a part of the “MeatBall Head” Art show curated by the awesome nicocolaleo in L.A.

This one was fun, I rarely use line and have been having fun with it lately working on comics and planting Easter eggs in my pieces,would’ve liked to have planted more but eh, next time. Hope you like it.

Unfortunately I won’t be there but my piece will- along with some other awesome artists who I work with( wscottforbes, halfglovepunch , perinm & shaburdies ) and some who I follow on tumblr. Go check it out if you’re in the area at at Meltdown Comics/Nerdist Showroom on August 16th ! Should be a good time :).


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(round one) [jelder5591]

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Pokeddex Challenge Day 2 - Favorite Fighting Type (Heracross), 2012

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Since I don’t live in Japan, I missed out on the PikaInvasion… So to relieve my woes, I made a jiggly dancing Pikapi!

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Funny Stuff you like?

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